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Memorial Day 2013: Serving Those Who Serve Us

Memorial Day 2013 FREE 3-hour cleaning promotion
Memorial Day 2013 FREE 3-hour cleaning promotion

Since 2010, HAYS Cleaning, Inc. has provided 3-hour complimentary housecleanings for local Veterans, active Military and their spouses and parents. The service is offered for Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

The current promotion, in honor of Memorial Day, has been extended through June 30, 2013. Simply call 708-598-3819 or email to schedule the cleaning.

Through a partnership with the St. Patricia Holy Name Society, in Hickory Hills, Illinois, the company is also collecting care pack items to ship to the troops overseas.

Download the information packet here for details on the cleaning and the collection of care pack items. 

Helping Our Heroes Tagline Poll

HeroHello Fans, take a moment and vote in the poll for adding a new tagline to the “Helping Our Heroes” program. Many of our fans have told us that the “Helping Our Heroes” name says it all – and we agree! 

So, instead of renaming the entire program, we are making the contest about choosing a new tagline. Cast your vote! Voting is open through May 3, 2013.

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Help Us Rename HOH

Help Rename Helping Our HeroesWe have been looking for suggestions to rename the Helping Our Heroes Program for the past few weeks. We recently placed this print ad in the Village View Newspaper to help gather more suggestions.

Art and Mary James, owners of HAYS Cleaning, based in Hickory Hills, started the “Helping Our Heroes” program, in May 2010. The original goal of the program was to provide a 3-hour complimentary house cleaning to US Veterans, active Military and their spouses.

The website,, was launched in October 2011. With the Veterans Day 2011 promotion, collection of care package items was added to the program.

In 2012, they partnered with the St. Patricia Holy Name Society, for the collection and shipment of care package items. The HNS has an affiliation with Jim Kruse and Adopt-A-Platoon. Jim is in charge of the organization, based in Hickory Hills. They collect and ship packages monthly to the troops overseas. HAYS and Helping Our Heroes will continue this partnership.

The name was chosen as a compliment to Veterans and active Military. Along this journey, it has been pointed out that many Veterans and active Military do not like the word hero nor any reference to being a hero. They are SOLDIERS and that is how they prefer to be recognized.

Art and Mary want to rename the program, with the word “Soldiers” or “Military” in the name and they would like help from the community to choose the new name. Through Friday, April 12, 2013, they are asking readers to share their ideas for a name change. Submit suggestions via email (, on Facebook ( or on the “Heroes” website ( Once they have a selection of suggestions, they will create a poll to choose the new name.


  1. Five finalist name suggestions will be chosen by HAYS Cleaning and will be placed into a poll.
  2. Voting on five finalist names will take place on the website from April 15, 2013 through April 22, 2013.
  3. Top three winners will be awarded prizes as follows:
    • Third Place Winner – A bucket of cleaning supplies
    • Second Place Winner – Eureka Canister Vacuum
    • First Place Winner – 3 Hour Housecleaning (limited to our geographical service area)
  4. Winners will be announced in the end of April.

Suggestions Reviewed – We Need Some More!

veteransWe had several name suggestions submitted for consideration in renaming the Helping Our Heroes Program. After much discussion with Mary and Art James, it has been decided to leave the renaming suggestion period open until next week.

Here are some that have been sent in so far:

  • Soldier’s Supply
  • Soldier’s Servants
  • Thank a Soldier
  • Saint’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Caring Christian’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Caring Quartermaster’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Comforting Quartermaster’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Soldiers Sweepers
  • They serve US well
  • They serve U.S. well
  • Helping Hands
  • Scrub-a-soldier services …. more than just cleaning

Post your ideas on our Facebook page or submit them through the Contact form on this site. We had originally requested that words Soldier, Soldiers or Military be used, but we are open to all thoughtful suggestions.

Keep Your Ideas Coming!

We have been getting some good suggestions for the renaming of the “Helping Our Heroes” program. Several people have suggested including the word “Military” in the title. We agree – so keep sending your ideas and be sure they include either of the following words: Soldier, Soldiers or Military.

We are going to continue collecting suggestions through April 12 and then will set up a poll for everyone to vote on their favorites! Click here for more details on prizes!

Post your ideas below, or head on over to the HAYS Cleaning Facebook page and share them there!

Help Us Rename “Helping Our Heroes”

Rename-Helping-Our-Heroes-verticalWhen HAYS Cleaning started the Helping Our Heroes program, in May 2010, the name was chosen as a compliment to Veterans and active Military. Along this journey, it has been pointed out that many Veterans and active Military do not like the word hero nor any reference to being a hero. They are SOLDIERS and that is how they prefer to be recognized.

Read more here.

Prayers for the Innocent, Prayers for the First Responders

This morning, I met with a man who brings a little bit of home to our troops overseas. After our meeting, I got into the car, all set to run my errands. Then, I turned on the radio.

The news of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, was the top story. I cannot fathom young children and teachers being killed in what should be a safe place: a school. I cannot imagine what the families of the victims are feeling at this moment. I cannot imagine what the First Responders are feeling having to deal with the deaths of the innocent and the telling of this news to their loved ones.

Tonight, I say prayers for the victims, their families and the local “heroes,” the police, firefighter and medics, who help to pull the pieces together on this horrible day.

Holiday Mail for Heroes

If you are interested in supporting our troops this Christmas season by sending a card, please send them to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO BOX 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Cards must be postmarked by December 7, 2012 and must follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure that all cards are signed.
  • Use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.” Cards addressed to specific individuals can not be delivered through this program.
  • Only cards are being accepted. Do not send or include letters.
  • Do not include email or home addresses on the cards: the program is not meant to foster pen pal relationships.
  • Do not include inserts of any kind, including photos: these items will be removed during the reviewing process.
  • Please refrain from choosing cards with glitter or using loose glitter as it can aggravate health issues of ill and injured warriors.
  • If you are mailing a large quantity of cards, please bundle them and place them in large mailing envelopes or flat rate postal shipping boxes. Each card does not need its own envelope, as envelopes will be removed from all cards before distribution.
This image is circulating on Facebook that requests all cards be sent to Walter Reed Hospital. DO NOT SEND CARDS THERE! They will NOT be delivered!

There is an image circulating on Facebook that requests all cards be sent to Walter Reed Hospital. DO NOT SEND CARDS THERE! They will NOT be delivered!






Read more about this here:

Read more about the Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes here: and here:

For Veterans: Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is a program offered to veterans. Currently, the program has groups Illinois, Indiana and Maryland, with plans to expand nationwide.

This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of visiting members of the group at the Oak View Center, part of the Oak Lawn Park District, in Oak Lawn Illinois. My original purpose was to share the news about the free 3-hour housecleaning offered by HAYS Cleaning. I ended up visiting with a great group of veterans, sharing a snack and playing a trivia game. I also learned about this great program, offered for free to our local Veterans.

The Oak Lawn group has several activities and outings scheduled that may be of interest to area veterans and their families:

  • December Social – Saturday, December 15, 2012 – Activity: Lincoln Park Zoo Lights and Dessert Afterwards. Group will depart from Oak View Center, 4625 W. 110th St, in Oak Lawn, at 4:00pm. We will get to explore the beautiful displays of Winter Wonderland Bliss and on our way home we will stop at Bakers Square for dessert and warm beverages. Return time TBD. Bus transportation will be provided to and from activity. You must RSVP for yourself and guests by Wednesday, December 12, to Jacqueline Canty at 708-857-2200 or
  • January Social – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – Activity: Light Dinner and Crafts. We will meet at the Dream Center, 9600 E. Shore Drive, at 4:00pm, for crafts and a light dinner. Rose Schmidt, from the Office of Veteran Affairs, will be providing craft kits for us to complete. Bring your creative juices and also bring some guests. You must RSVP for yourself and guests by Wednesday, January 9, to Jacqueline Canty at 708-857-2200 or

Visit the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies website at

To find a participating facility in your area visit