About Us

The Helping Our Heroes  program is the brainchild of Mary and Art James, owners of HAYS Cleaning, Inc.

Art & Mary James

Art James is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. For the past six years, his family has been in the “appeal process,” attempting to get the compensation benefits that he not only is entitled to, but fought for, for our One Nation Under God. In September 2011, Art received his decision for entitlement.

During the last several years, Art and Mary faced many, many, many challenges. They feel that God has so blessed them beyond belief…but believe it!

They could not have gone through everything without their family, friends and so many others who offered support, prayers and so much more. Art and Mary feel that God has put them in the right place and at the right time. He has always provided their daily needs along the way.

Art & Mary, with their feline friends, Josie Girl, Cute Kitty & Jesse James

They, along with HAYS Cleaning, Inc., are looking to Help Our Heroes, to Pay It Forward. Their desire to give back is what inspired the birth of the Helping Our Heroes program.

With the Veterans Day 2011 Special, Art and Mary decided to add a new element to the program by collecting care package items to send to service men and women overseas.

On December 5, 2011, Art and Mary, along with HAYS Cleaning, shipped 15 boxes of goods to the troops!

As the years have passed, Art and Mary continue to offer the free cleaning program every Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Updated 5/20/15

HAYS Cleaning Inc. has been established for over 30 years and has grown from a hobby of owner/operator Mary James. The people at HAYS Cleaning want to make a difference, not just do a job! We believe liking what you do for “a living” delivers results our clients see and value.

HAYS Cleaning, Inc. is located at 9428 S. 78th Ct., #3, Hickory Hills, IL 60457. For more information on the “Helping Our Heroes” offer or the Care Packages, please call 708-598-3819, visit www.hayscleaning.com or email mary@hayscleaning.com.