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Prayers for the Innocent, Prayers for the First Responders

This morning, I met with a man who brings a little bit of home to our troops overseas. After our meeting, I got into the car, all set to run my errands. Then, I turned on the radio.

The news of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, was the top story. I cannot fathom young children and teachers being killed in what should be a safe place: a school. I cannot imagine what the families of the victims are feeling at this moment. I cannot imagine what the First Responders are feeling having to deal with the deaths of the innocent and the telling of this news to their loved ones.

Tonight, I say prayers for the victims, their families and the local “heroes,” the police, firefighter and medics, who help to pull the pieces together on this horrible day.

Pray For Our Troops

On this Monday after Thanksgiving, I would like to offer a short prayer for our troops.

Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping all armed forces at home and abroad. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; strengthen them in their trials and temptations; give them courage to face the perils which beset them; and grant them a sense of abiding presence wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Prayer Request For One Of Our Helpers

Pastor Billy Dammala

Please keep Pastor Billy Dammala, from Roberts Road Bible Church, in Justice, Illinois, in your prayers. On February 27, Pastor Billy suffered from a stroke. He is now recovering in a rehabilitation center.

Pastor Billy helped with the Soldier Care Package Project this past December. His generous gift of time helped make the program successful.

Have mercy, O loving God, upon all who have suffered a stroke.
Remove the sudden fear that befalls them. Endow them with courage in the struggle to recover what has been lost. Grant them strength and hope to envision new days ahead and a spirit of faith to take the risk of living fully once again. Amen.