Suggestions Reviewed – We Need Some More!

veteransWe had several name suggestions submitted for consideration in renaming the Helping Our Heroes Program. After much discussion with Mary and Art James, it has been decided to leave the renaming suggestion period open until next week.

Here are some that have been sent in so far:

  • Soldier’s Supply
  • Soldier’s Servants
  • Thank a Soldier
  • Saint’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Caring Christian’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Caring Quartermaster’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Comforting Quartermaster’s Soldier’s Supply
  • Soldiers Sweepers
  • They serve US well
  • They serve U.S. well
  • Helping Hands
  • Scrub-a-soldier services …. more than just cleaning

Post your ideas on our Facebook page or submit them through the Contact form on this site. We had originally requested that words Soldier, Soldiers or Military be used, but we are open to all thoughtful suggestions.